visual identity designed for THE GREAT IDLER
art direction by BCDC
graphic design by YUHAO CHANG
motion design by GI
sound design by WENHSING WANG
special thanks to 熊吉

Song "Place On Fire" by Creo licensed under CC BY 4.0 DEED
Straightforward, humorous, and gamer-centric — that may be the first impression THE GREAT IDLER gives. As the gaming lifestyle channel reaches  the milestone of 100,000 subscribers, it's time for the brand's first identity update.

What could represent gaming while accurately conveying the brand's personality? We turned our attention to the medium of video games — "pixels." Conceptually, pixels not just evoke nostalgia but also serve as approaches to virtual worlds. Formally, pixels, as adaptable components, possess the characteristic of universality, capable of embracing the diverse possibilities of the gaming lifestyle.

Thus, the new identity incorporates elements of CRT (cathode-ray tube) from the golden age of video games, combining classic scan lines with styling of chamfer to form the new logo of "Xian." (閒,which means idling.) Supporting graphics use a mechanism of ASCII transformation to turn the logo into pixel units displaying images. With different input content, the logo can change into any possible appearance.

Supporting Graphics

Show Opening


Title Cards & Emojis

Business Card

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